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E-TekNet Products and Services

E-TekNet provides all of the products and services you need for all of your PCB needs with the high quality you can rely on and low cost you can save with. Also, it is convenient and save your time because you don't need to order bare boards from one supplier, order solder stencil from another, order components from components suppliers and order PCB assembly from yet another supplier....... E-TekNet is one stop service for all and you can have more time to focus on your business to be even more successful. Also E-TekNet provies production scale from prototype to mass production and, therefore, you don't need to order prototypes from one board house and order quantity production from antoher board house when you ramp up your development on new products. Another best service with added value E-TekNet provides is quick turn bare board PCB order, as quick as one day, and quick turn PCB assembly service including bare boards and assembly in just 5 days. Why it is so quick? Because, we do every thing under one roof! Please click one of the following links to see our products and services :

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