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Terms of Warrantee or Guarantee

Terms of Warrantee or Guarantee
(1) 100% quality warrantee

We will remake the boards free or 100% refund you for the purchase order if your design files has no manufacturability problems, has no design mistakes and conforms to the data or specs of the quote. The said data or specs are listed within the quote and your order will be manufactured based on the data and specs. Therefore, you need to read very carefully for the data and inform E-TekNet as soon as possible if you said any thing wrong in the data or specs. The quality inspection and control standard is based on newest versions of IPC600 Class II for bare board PCB or IPC610 Class II for PCB assembly. You also need to understand that in no event shall E-TekNet's liability exceed the cost of the purchase order.
(2) low price guarantee against competitive pricing
The low price guarantee against competitive pricing is valid only before and when an order is placed. The competitive price should be online available and confirmable to web visitors and the competitor must have a North America headquarters or is controlled by a North American company in Mexico, Canada or United States. low price guarantee is applied to PCB or PCB assembly with standard-features only. You can find the standard features here. The 100% low price guarantee means to match or beat the competitive price. The 100% low price guarantee is only applied to orders with maximum value $10,000.
(3) On-Time shipping or free guarantee

The On-Time shipping or free guarantee is for orders of bare board PCB with standard features and is applied to a maximum single-order value of USD600 or maximum multiple-orders value of USD1000. Our on-time shipping performance is >99% with 70% orders shipped earlier, in fact. The "On-Time shipping or free" guarantee means you will get your order for free and you just need to pay the shipping charge if there shall be any shipping delay, even one day delay,  according to the lead time stated in the quote for the order. Please see our shipping achedule based on the quoted lead times. The guarantee does not cover any delivery delay from the shippers, such as FedEx or UPS, if there are any. The "On-Time shipping or free" guarantee is applied contingent upon the following conditions:
(a) All of design files, such as Gerber files, drill files, pick & place file and BOM, shall be received by the the time when the order is placed.
(b) All of design files should not have manufacturability problems or design mistakes. There will be at least 2 more days additional to the original lead time whenever a design problems will occur.  In this case, we will do the best to ship the order as earlier as when we can.