PCB Reverse Engineering


As a value added service, E-TekNet provides PCB reverse engineering to re-generate Gerber files and BOM’s for customers who need the electronic files. What we require from you for PCB reverse engineering is a populated PCB board if both Gerber file and BOM are required or simply a bare board without parts if only Gerber files are required.

For bare board reverse-engineering of one layer or two layer boards, you don’t need to send us a physical board but a scanned picture. However, the scanned picture has to be in a scale of 1:1 so you can make sure the board reverse-engineered will have the same dimensions as the original board. Or you can provide a scale factor or dimensions shown on the scanned picture so we know the dimensions of the board. For multilayer PCB board we do require you to send as a PCB sample because we need to reverse engineering the inner layers and inner layers cannot be scanned without peeling the PCB board off.

Limited Liability on PCB Reverse Engineering

What we guarantee for the PCB reverse engineered board is the Gerber files and BOM are identical to the original board. We will refine the files if you show us some differences brought from software bugs or due to human being errors after you review the first version of the files. After you approve the Gerber files and BOM the PCB reverse engineering is completed and we will start making the sample bare boards and, if required, then follow up by assembling the sample boards with the components from the approved BOM. Most likely, the samples are one or two boards. E-TekNet does not know if the components and boards will be electronically functioning and our responsibility for the order is just completed right after delivering the bare boards or assembled boards from customer approved Gerber files and BOM. After testing, refining or upgrading the sample boards customer should be able to determine if he needs quantity orders.