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6 reasons to order printed circuit boards from E-TekNet

Low price guarantee

We match or beat online available competitive price in North America market! You just need to send us the competitive quote and the commpetitive website and we will start from there.

PCB and PCB assembly online quote

Easy and instant online quote for bare board PCB, solder stencil and PCB assembly with live demo support. By simply one click from the quote, you can online order and online file upload!

One stop for all of your PCB needs

You don't need to shop around to find supplier A for bare PCB, supplier B for solder stencil, supplier C for components and supplier D for PCB assembly...... Every thing is one stop here!

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PCB quick turn order as quick as 2 business day and quick turn PCB assembly order as quick as 10 buiness day. Place quick turn order any time 24 hours a day and start production instantly!

On time shipping guarantee

We also provide on-time shipping guarantee for bare board PCB order with standard PCB features. Your ordered bare boards will be free and just pay shipping even for one business day delay!

Customer service - always on your side

Daily 10-hour customer phone support from 8 am to 6 pm MST Mon-Fri and daily 20-hour online live chat technical support from 8 am to 2nd day 4 am MST Mon-Sat. We are on your side, always!

Customer Testimonials

Sarah, Zenem Corp.

You are doing an awesome job, the turn time in getting quotes back to me is outstanding. The quality of the boards is great! I have no complaints at all. You definitely get most of our business because of the fast turn!

John, Ph.D., Sanker International, Inc.

The service and a pleasant attitude have been welcomed to our company. I appreciate your technical capabilities patients in listening to please and meet our needs and requirements, and they’re follow-up was second to none.

Carl, Sable Systems International

I have been purchasing my Bare boards from E-tek for several years, I have never had a problem with quality, Lead times, or customer support.

Craig, Coleman Air, Inc

E-Teknet is a true find. After our previous supplier went up on the price by more than 10%, we decided to look around. I can say, that turned out to be a real blessing in disguise! Yes, E-Tecknet is considerably less costly, but even more so, the level of service is simply unmatched. Turn around times are always on time and the quality is 2nd to none. A big thanks to all at E-Technet.

Quality SystemsISO9001 certified and UL certified

Our Capability on Bare Board PCB


Please check PCB Glossary for reference. Please contact us if you have a special requirement not listed in the following table.

Feature Capability
Maximum Board Layers Up to 18 layers
Maximum Board size 25" x 17"
Board thickness (multilayer board) Maximum:0.13" (any layers) ;   Minimum: 0.025" (4 layer)
Board thickness (1 or 2 layer board) 0.02",  0.031",  0.039",  0.047",  0.062",  0.078",  0.094",  0.118", 0.125"
Tolerance of board thickness +/- 10%
Base materials FR-4, FR-406 (Tg 150 deg C), FR-408(Tg 170 deg C), G10, CEM3, Rogers, alumina ceramic
Copper weight and minimum trace width/space required 0.5 oz (min. trace width/space 4 mil), 1 oz (min. trace width/space 5 mil), 2 oz (min. trace width/space 7 mil), 4 oz (min. trace width/space 14 mil), 6 oz (min. trace width/space 20 mil), 8 oz (min. trace width/space 40 mil)
Minimum conductor width and space 0.003" (0.075 mm) for conductors including trace and annular ring
Minimum finished hole size 0.006" (0.15mm).  (Please see our drill sizes in stock)
Silkscreen/Legend colors white, yellow, black, pink, red
Solder Mask (LPI) Colors: Green, Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Silver, Gold
Maximum hole aspect ratio 10:1
Surface plating Tin/Lead HAL, immersion gold (soft gold), electrolytic gold (hard gold), immersion tin, immersion silver, OSP
Gold finger Electrolytic gold on nickel: Max gold thickness 1.25 mm (30 micro-inches)
Blind/buried vias Yes

*Definition for standard features for bare board PCB : Finished PCB thickness 0.062", FR4 material, 1 oz finished copper thickness, minimum conductor width/space >= 6 mil, , minimum annular ring >= 6 mil, minimum finished hole size >=12 mil.  HASL Tin-lead or HASL Lead free, green LPI soldermask,  white silkscreen. For promotion prices, minimum board size 1 inch on either width or length, maximum board size 12 inches on either width or length, maximum board area 35 square inches.
*Definition for nonstandard features for bare board PCB: Any features not listed on above definition are non-standard features

Our Capability on PCB Assembly


Please check PCB Glossary for reference. Please contact us if you have a special requirement not listed in the following table.

Feature Capability
Minimum passive component size 0201
Minimum pitch size on BGA components 0.4 mmm
Parts procurement Kitted or turnkey
Solder types Tin/lead reflow or lead free RoHS compliant reflow
Conformal coating Yes
Stainless solder steel stencil Frameless or framed.
Functional test after assembly Yes. Need customer to send over test firxture or test design.

*Definition for standard features for PCB assembly : Minimum passive component size 0603, Minimum BGA pitch size 1.0 mm, parts received on 2nd day after order is received, lead time is 15 business day or longer
*Definition for nonstandard features for PCB assembly : Any features not listed on above definition are non-standard features

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