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PCB Design Service

E-TekNet provides PCB design service as one of the one-stop service for all of your PCB needs, in addition to bare board manufacturing, solder paste stencils, PCB reverse engineering, component sourcing and PCB assembly. The following is the list for step-by-step instruction for your PCB design order.

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What you should send us:

(1) Schematic. Hand drawing is ok but there will be additional charge

(2) Component footprints

(3) PCB outline with borders, locations of mounting holes, fingers, test pins, etc

(4) Design rules

What you will receive from us:

(1) Gerber files in 274X format

(2) NC drill file

(3) Fab file with drill drawing and fab notes in Gerber and PDF.

(4) Assembly drawing in PDF

(5) Pick and place in txt or csv.

For PCB design RFQ please send over a BOM and schematic and we will quote for you in the same day. We will put your PCB design cost into a PCB or PCB assembly quote as part of the manufacture service. For request for quote of PCB design or we can be of any assistance please call us at 480-752-7854 or email us at sales@e-teknet.com.

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